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Talkie some basic questions
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Intercom call to pay for it?

Conventional walkie-talkie to talk to do not pay. No matter how much you use frequently, every year you only need to pay for each unit talkie frequency occupancy costs tens of dollars can be, such as the use of public radio is not required to pay any fees.

Note the use of walkie-talkie antenna

1. Only use WEIERWEI wife or approved antenna. Unauthorized antennas, modified or added attachments could damage the walkie-talkie antenna or violation of the provisions of the Ministry of Information Industry Radio Authority;

2. When using, do not hand pick antenna;

3. Remove the walkie-talkie antenna can not otherwise easily when transmitting the power tube burned;

4. Do not use a damaged antenna. At the time of launch, if damaged antenna contacts skin, it may cause minor burns please.

Can intercom call

In the case of network support conditions, radio can be used to call. However, if only conventional single call between the phone functions can not be achieved.

The use of walkie-talkie will have radiation

Talkie is designed to meet the relevant provisions of the Ministry of Information Industry [2001] No. 869 document, will not harm the human body, and is not close to the body when using a walkie-talkie call, but the body 5-7 cm distance calls.

Can not dialogue with other members within the group

First, confirm that the frequency and sub-audio signal that you are using the same with the other members of the group; if no problem, please confirm other members in the group are in the service area.

When using the walkie-talkie or other receiving sound small voice interrupted

Check talkie microphone MIC is blocked at the orifice (No Please send repair station maintenance).

You can not boot or frequent power failure

Check the walkie-talkie battery contacts are deformed, the power switch is loose.

How to handle the machine water

After the machine water should immediately unplug the battery will be forced to throw water, placed in ventilated and dry place to dry, and strive in the shortest time to a repair station maintenance.

Sensitivity difference becomes closer distance calls

Check that the antenna is in good condition, the antenna pedestal is loose or damaged (For questions, please sent to a professional repair station maintenance).

Volkswagen consumers to buy walkie-talkie it?

The mass of consumers also can buy the intercom, but before buying and using walkie-talkies have to be to the local Radio Management Committee (the "no committee") application to obtain a license and pay the radio frequency occupation fee. From December 6, 2001, China's opening up civilian walkie-talkie market, the use of 400MHz, transmit power is less than 0.5 watts of civilian walkie-talkie without any formality.

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