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What is the public radio?
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Public radio means: transmit power less than 0.5W, work at a frequency radios, which transmit radio frequency, power and other RF technical specifications shall meet the following requirements:

1, the operating frequency (.9000; 409 units:. MHz): 409.7500,409.7625,409.7750,409.7875,409.8000,409.8125,409.8250,409.8375, 409.8500,409.8625,409.8750,409.8875,4099125,409.9250,409.9375,409.9500,409.9625,409.9750 , 409.9875;

2, modulation mode: F3E;

3, effective radiated power (EIRP): <0.5W;

4, firing frequency tolerance: <+ 5ppm;

5, the transmitter spurious radiation: <50uW;

6, receiver spurious radiation: <20nW;

7, channel spacing: 12.50kHz.

Interphone electromagnetic interference, electromagnetic compatibility

To avoid electromagnetic interference / electromagnetic compatibility or cause and, in the posted "turn off the intercom," marked the occasion should be closed walkie-talkie. Such as hospitals or other health care facilities use the occasion. When the fly should also be closed in accordance with the requirements of walkie-talkie.

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