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How to maintain the intercom?
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1. Long-term use of walkie-talkies, according to health, control knobs and cabinet easily become dirty, remove the control knob from the walkie-talkie, with neutral detergent (do not use corrosive chemicals) and a damp cloth to clean the cabinet. The use of such detergents, alcohol, spray or chemical agents such as oil may cause damage to the shell surface and walkie-talkie;

2. gently radio, not hand-held walkie-talkie antenna movement;

3. When not using headphones and other accessory, covered with dust cover (if equipped).

What factors affect the walkie-talkie distance calls and effects

1. System parameters:

1) transmitter output power, the stronger, the greater the coverage of the transmitted signal, the farther communication distance. However, the transmission power can not be too large, the transmission power is too large, not only power, influence amplifier component life, and interference is strong, affects call quality and others, but also produce radioactive contamination. States authorities to transmit power radio communications equipment are clearly defined.

Receiver sensitivity 2) communication equipment, the more distant communication distance.

3) the antenna gain when the antenna is matched with the machine, typically, the antenna height increases, the reception or transmission capacity enhancement. The hand-held walkie-talkie antenna is generally helical antenna, the bandwidth and gain than other types of antennas to be smaller, more vulnerable to human impact.

2. Environmental factors: Environmental factors are the main path, tree density, electromagnetic interference environment, buildings, weather and terrain differences and the like. These factors and other parameters directly affect the field strength and coverage of the signal.

3. Other factors:

1) The battery is low, when the battery is low, voice quality will deteriorate. Serious, there will be noise, affecting the normal call.

2) antenna matching, band and band antenna inconsistent machine, the antenna impedance mismatch, will seriously affect the distance calls. For users, the antenna should pay attention when changing the antenna tightening, while non-manufacturers can not just use the antenna provided can not use the machine does not meet the antenna frequency point.

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