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Frequently asked questions and basic knowledge of the walkie-talkie
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Talkie mainly used in what areas?

Talkie mainly used in public security, civil aviation, transport, water conservancy, railways, manufacturing, construction, services and other industries, for communication and dispatching group members, in order to improve communication efficiency and improve handling emergencies rapid response capability. With walkie-talkie into the civilian market, people travel, shopping also began increasing use of walkie-talkie.

How far from the walkie-talkie conversation?

Conventional walkie-talkie distance calls to open up to 8-10 kilometers, generally up to 3-5 km from downtown, in the presence of tall buildings or mountains to block the case, call the distance will be relatively short.

When there is talk walkie-talkie network support distances of up to several tens of kilometers. Networking is the use of repeater stations (also called base station or repeater), automatically receives the transmitted signal from the walkie-talkie, and amplifies and forwards. Talkie communications network can expand coverage extends distance calls, clearing up to 10-20 km (hand-held radio) or 30-50 km (mobile radio), the building can cover basements, underground parking with, fire exits and other serious shield , usually referred to as the dead areas.

What security precautions during use walkie-talkies have?

Possible range involved 1. On vehicles with airbags, do not put the walkie-talkie airbag deployment. If the walkie-talkie in the regional context may be involved when the airbag deployed, once the balloon rapidly, walkie-talkies may be as great impact injuries to persons inside the vehicle;

2. In a potentially explosive atmosphere or occasion, unless special certification through the walkie-talkie explosion-proof walkie-talkie, or you must turn off the intercom. In a potentially explosive atmosphere, the spark could cause an explosion or fire;

3. Do not replace batteries or recharge the batteries in a potentially explosive atmosphere. Installation and may cause contact spark when removing the battery and cause an explosion;

4. Before near the blast area and detonators Area, first turn off the radio, in order to avoid a possible explosion.

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