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Radio antennas small objects, large function
Add Time: 2015.11.10      Clicks: 1286
      In the wide range of the community currently walkie-talkie, the antenna is a very important component, all walkie-talkie communication quality is good or bad, almost all related to the member, because of its low price, simple objects, often failed to attract users and production equipment manufacturers enough attention.
Talkie antenna generally divided into several categories:
First, the handset antenna type, because the line is directly fed with the handset, called active antenna, the antenna handset module board and antenna as a single entity, so the antenna radiation effect on the diagram board module is very large, different motherboard module and the housing of the antenna pattern is different, and different radiation patterns intercom communication quality difference is very big, and users tend to think that as long as the walkie-talkie and antenna VSWR good tune on it, but there are many transferred the case VSWR VSWR <= 1.2 still pass far, what are the reasons? Is the radiation antenna pattern distortions caused by the division or the main lobe of the radiation pattern of the antenna is affected by the antenna design and production models and decide, the test must rely on accurate and automatic precision anechoic chamber RF test equipment, which the user talk is undetectable, it must provide the test by the manufacturer or walkie-talkie antenna manufacturer.
Second, car antennas class - walkie-talkie antenna is fed via cable, antenna design and quality of housing associated with the vehicle, such antennas are generally made magnet mounted on the roof or drilling installation, in recent years, as well as stickers glass-like or hidden in the car of this class antenna, the key is to position SWR commissioning and installation of a direct impact on the antenna radiation Square, VSWR is generally good or bad directly associated with the antenna design, the cable connector, the user choice should pay attention to. The central location of the radiation pattern associated with antenna installation, the preferred requirement is preferably mounted on the roof, because the antenna is symmetrical reflector evenly floor, the antenna pattern is not distorted, as mounted in position on the side of the antenna radiation pattern Yi changes.
Third, the base station antenna type generally referred to an outdoor antenna,
This class is divided into omnidirectional antenna antenna and a directional antenna, both antennas have dozens of forms and gain selection, the user typically places should be customized according to the direction of the antenna set. In principle, the antenna should be customized depending on the installation environment customized, such as the antenna is mounted on the tower, installed in the ground is different. Installed on the roof and install cement pouring more different across the roof tiles, and called wave transmission antenna tilt to meet the requirements of the communication distance, as mounted on the tower's base, the communication quality while the other side goes through a bad pass or cars, a turn signal deteriorated. As base station antennas and towers installed on top communication area on the ground, the standard antenna patterns have 5-10 degree angle, such as communication towers installed on the ground building would like to have the inclination, the antenna design.

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