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Talkie Common problems and treatment methods
Add Time: 2015.11.10      Clicks: 1391
As a short-range walkie-talkie communications tools, presence in the daily course of various aspects, such as the signal difference, then do not hear, more noise, etc., the following basic questions for you to answer the intercom and answer method encountered.
Common Problems Treatment:
One can not dialogue with other members in the group?
First, confirm that the frequency and sub-audio signal that you are using the same with the other members of the group; if no problem, please confirm other members in the group are in the service area.
Second, the other members of the voices in the channel?
Please change the sub-audio tone, while the group must change the tone of all the walkie-talkie, or apply to change the frequency.
Third, after charging the battery can not properly use how long?
Battery life has come to update the battery. (Nickel-metal hydride battery charge and discharge times of normal use is generally 500 times, lithium batteries 1000 times)
Fourth, the walkie-talkie does not scan?
Not included in the channel scan (professional setting) or the machine's scanning function is disabled when the intercom programming.
Five full-band noise after the program?
When programming the intercom squelch all open. Non-professionals do not recommend adjustment parameters.
Six regular toot toot cries after programming?
Interphone programming mistakes. Prepared frequency exceeds a predetermined frequency range walkie-talkie or the selected model and the machine does not pay.
Seven, after a period of silence using headphones?
Talkie earpiece sockets and bad. Send repair station maintenance.
Eight sensitivity difference becomes closer distance calls?
Check that the antenna is intact, whether loose or damaged antenna base (yes please send repair station maintenance).
Nine, walkie-talkie can receive each other's speech but can not launch?
Check the PTT button. Send repair station maintenance.
Ten, you can not boot or frequent power failure?
Check the walkie-talkie battery contacts are deformed or broken.
XI, intercom with LCD display or error-free display?
Talkie dropped or improper use LCD bad bad contact or conductive rubber (send repair station maintenance).
Twelve, the other received a small voice or voice interrupted?
Check talkie microphone MIC is blocked at the orifice (No Please send repair station maintenance).
XIII, receiving intermittent and accompanied by a large noise?
To limit the walkie-talkie communication distance or tall buildings blocking the basement (No Please send repair station maintenance).
Fourth, how to deal with the water after the machine?
First the machine apart, one by one, the dismantling of all external parts (such as buttons, PTT gum, guide beam, etc.), with anhydrous alcohol or special washer water board will carefully clean, dry, with a small tool to clean circuit stains board; then soaked with anhydrous alcohol, conditional available ultrasonic cleaning machine for cleaning; secondly after the fish with a hair dryer (note the temperature is not too high), and look at the board if there are injuries, if there are broken use fine enameled wire were coupled with three tables measuring positive and negative power supply board extreme resistance, not short-circuit or open circuit (power, view the current, normal is about 40MA, when the emission of not less than 1000MA); Finally, check the wireless port dirty, as dirty together to clean up, but if other faults then routine maintenance.
Serious corrosion of influent circuit machine generally can not be repaired, it should be promptly disposed of the machine inlet.
Deal with common problems during the test machine
First, the frequency interference: in use often have strings frequency noise or receive other stations, interference in normal use walkie-talkie, the treatment methods are three: ① changing frequency. ② Gaja and other audio or DTMF. ③ reduce the squelch level (when in the same conditions applicable to individual machine receives interference)
Second, from the past: walkie-talkie communication distance in meters and the difference between the actual needs, you can adjust the machine power and squelch level to achieve. When it does not improve after adjustment considering the installation of repeaters to solve.
Third, the sound intermittent: intermittent phenomenon of radio communications often found in critical distance, then you can adjust squelch level or cancel the reception to test the effects of sub-audio.
Fourth, the whistle: at a distance of a few meters or closer when the two walkie-talkie communications will occur howling. This is a normal phenomenon, can the sound off to the appropriate size to resolve.

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