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A regular "beep beep beep - -" appears. After programming calls?
Radio programming error. The frequency of the writing is beyond the scope of the radio frequency range or the selected model and the machine does not match.
This boot, a continuous "beep --" the warning sound?
The channel is not written in the channel of the machine, and the air channel is the alarm. After the re write frequency information can be resolved.
By walkie talkie in standby mode, often receive spurious noise?
By programming the software or manual mode (part of the manual adjustment parameters of the model) is appropriate to adjust the Gao Jing noise level, but the attention can not be adjusted too high, otherwise it will affect the communication distance.
This radio receiver with intermittent sound noise?
Two intercom machine distance between has reached a critical state, or the use of the environment of tall buildings, basements. If there are problems to exclude the above, please send a repair station inspection and maintenance.
I read and write frequency, "timeout, communication failure", how to solve?
First check the intercom power switch is open, the use of the software and the model of the intercom can be relatively, data lines and headphones, then plug in the microphone socket, the corresponding computer serial port is already open. If there is no problem, then for the machine hardware failure, please send a repair station maintenance.
By walkie talkie in use, how to solve the encountered interference?
Change frequency. With the audio or digital tone. The increase of squelch level (applicable under the same conditions of individual machine received interference).
When there are speakers. Intercom, harsh whistler.
In the distance is only a few meters or more nearly two walkie talkie communication will squeaking, this is a normal phenomenon, can tune the sound of small to the appropriate size to solve.
How to deal with this intercom after water,?
Walkie talkie after water, opened the first machine shell, carefully remove the board, with a special wash board water will circuit board carefully cleaning, clean, dry, with a small brush cleaning stains clean on the circuit board; conditions available ultrasonic cleaning machine for cleaning; secondly remove electric hair dryer (pay attention to the temperature is not too high), and inspected circuit board whether the injury, if there is a broken thread with fine paint package lines are connected, through instruments such as detection of other kinds of faults again according to the conventional overhaul.
On the circuit corrosion of the water machine is generally unable to repair, so the machine should be carried out in time after the water treatment.
No boot.
The fault relates to the power supply circuit and the control system. Mainly in two aspects: one is power supply, the other is CPU not working. CPU work must have three conditions: 1, to have 5V power supply; 2, reset circuit to work properly; 3, the clock oscillating circuit to work properly. The common reasons are: the insurance is bad, the power switch is bad, the crystal is bad for CPU, and the peripheral device is bad.
No power or power and low emission.
This kind of situation, first of all need to test the automatic power control voltage is normal, high power, generally about 24V voltage. If not, check the TX VCO voltage is normal, and then in turn check njm2904 and its peripheral circuit, 5T (emitter) power supply, a power amplifying tube and so on. Generally for the launch of the power supply, the power amplifier tube is bad, etc..
The use of Headset. After a period of time, Headset receive silent, remove the Headset, can be used normally.
Headphone socket is bad, send maintenance station maintenance.

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