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«Attention while using antenna:
   1、Only use the original antenna or authorized by "MYT".  Antenna which was unauthorized, modified or added may damage the two way radio or against the provision of information industry department of wireless commission.           
   2、Don't touch the antenna with hands while using it.
   3、Don't screwing out the antenna, or the power tube will be easy to burned out while launching.
   4、Don't use the antenna that was damaged. While launching, it may cause slight burned if the damaged antenna touch the skin.
 «Attention while using battery:
   1、Use original or authorized by "MYT"
   2、If the metal touch the battery's bare electrode (such as jewellery, key and so on), it may cause the damage or hurt oneself. Please take care the battery which is full of power, especially pouch it to the pocket, pocket-sized folder or other metal containers.
   3、The charge temperature should be 5-40 degree. Out of this range, the battery life will be reduced, and can't charge fully.

 «Electromagnetic interference or electromagnetic compatible:
   To avoid the electromagnetic interference or electromagnetic compatible, you should be turn off the two way radio in the place which is not allowed to use it. Such as in hospital, other health care facilities or take the air.

 «Attention while operate the two way radio:
   1、The two way radio should keep uprightness while launching, and keep2.5-5cm between speaker and mouth. Also it should be at least 2.5cm away from head or body. The antenna should be at least 2.5cm away from body while bring the handset.
   2、Don't turn on and off again and again while using. Turn the volume compatible.

 «Attention about using two way radio safely:
   1、Don't put the two way radio in the range of air bag while it spread. If the two way radio in the covering of air bag, it may hurt the people in the car while spreading quickly.
   2、Excepting the two way radio is authorized especially, you must turn off the two way radio under the potential explosion environment. The  electric spark will cause explode or fire.
   3、Don't change or charge the battery under the potential explosion environment.
   4、Turn off the two way radio first when close to the explode and  primer area to avoid any explode.

 «Ordinary maintenance:
   1、After using a long time, the key-board , control knob and main case become dirty. Take off the control knob from two way radio, and wash with neutral liquid ( don't use  corrosive chemicals). Clean the main case with wet cloth.
   2、Handle with care, don't move the two way radio with antenna.
   3、Cover the accessories while not used.

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