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MYT walkie new listing ... TYT-8800 Value-based professional radio
Add Time: 2015.05.23      Clicks: 5328
MYT Adhering to the principle of continuous innovation, integrate creative wisdom, leading the fashion trend. After careful planning and research, MYT-8800 value oriented professional car platform officially listed

MYT-8800 is MYT through the introduction of a value-based professional radio. Most important feature is powerful, easy to operate but also has a very high price. It is compact, simple appearance, structure concise, easy to install, easy to operate. Powerful audio output and advanced voice compression and expansion technology to ensure that users can clearly call in various noisy environments. For any time but need to keep communication open flow of teams, MYT-8800 will be a practical and efficient communication tool, providing a stable and reliable communications liaison to ensure efficient operation of the team.

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