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President Speech

      MYT Electronics Co., Ltd. is a young enterprise, full of energy. At present, the competition in the line of wireless radios is more and more fierce. Companies will be eliminated if they don’t have their own features. MYT has been progressing in exploration and developing by creating. By now, we have already accumulated some resources and got our own self characteristics.
      What is the most precious treasure of a company? I think it must be customers. By the past decades developing, we have established a good relationship with our distributors. Not only these distributors develop themselves, but also make a contribution to our enterprise. I deeply appreciate their cooperation and help.

      The old days is a history, we may meet lots of difficulties in the process of creating our future. But I strong believe that by our joint efforts, we can overcome everything no matter how hard the situation is.

      Trust MYT, trust yourself.

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